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the Fitbit mobile app

A simple app that provides today's sunrise and sunset times—handy if you want these times but already love your existing watchface.

The app uses geolocation data from your Versa/Ionic to determine local sunrise and sunset times. The app supports the 12h/24h time format setting.

Note that the first time the app is used, it may take up to two minutes to acquire geolocation data; please wait with the app open. After this, a copy of the most recently provided geolocation is cached locally on your watch to speed up subsequent use.


Only the geolocation permission is needed to calculate your personal sunrise/sunset times *locally* on your Fitbit. No Internet permissions are needed, no data is transmitted.


I wrote this very quickly for exactly my needs. Credit to Matt Kane for the calculation library. Please see additional documentation and feel free to build on my simple code:

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