Focus Free
Gondwana Software
7 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

Bold and clear, with Always-On Display (not Versa 1/Lite), Focus Free helps you to focus on what’s important to you.

This clockface shows one statistic and one graph, instead of assaulting you with data you don’t care about. You can still cycle between all of the activity measures (including heart rate) by touching the icon.

If you touch the graph, the statistic swaps between the raw value (eg, steps) and the percentage of your daily goal. A coloured bar extends across the graph up to 100%. Beyond 100%, a white bar will follow, showing how far over your goal you are.

A bullseye on the graph shows how much you should have achieved by the current time, so you know if you’re on track to reach your goal.

If you touch the graph again, it shows how far ahead or behind of the current on-track target you are.

To swap between date or seconds, touch near the screen top.

Focus Free’s settings let you use one of your pictures as a background, change colours, remove Basal Metabolic Rate calories and display energy in kilojoules (kJ). For additional settings, search for Focus Pro.


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