Robert Siegel
3 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app
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2 Current Time/Stats and 2 Exercise Time/Delta Stats screens with forward/backward selection, 4 Exercise Lap screens, Sleep and Time Dimming with Times and Levels and 12 support screens with font select. See for Full Help PDF and Fitbit_Heartrate_JSON Windows program to download/plot your Fitbit data. Detects High and Large Delta Heart Rates (HHR/LDHR) with display and optional vibration. Exercise supports all Fitbit Exercise types with Delta Stats, GPS and Simulated (Screen Wake=Auto) Double Tap (DT). Companion for Email/SMS/Dim/Levels/Colors. Screens show Heartrate HR/Delta Time/Zone/Animated Heartbeat on top. 12h/24h Time in middle. Selectable Rotating Stats Icons/Text at the bottom with progress bar. Stats screens show Time/All Stats. DT HR Number for Select page. DT Lower Left for selection pages. DT the Lower Right/Upper Left for next/previous page. Tap the bottom to toggle hold for up to 1 hr. Test HHR/LDHR=DT Stats/Setup. This is Not a Medical Tool.


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