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Huge thanks to Catalyst Game Labs for collaborating with us on this!

In this introduction to the BattleTech game and universe, players each take control of one or more giant walking war machines (BattleMechs, aka 'Mechs) and battle until their opponent is destroyed or until the scenario objectives being played are completed.

In 2019 the old BattleTech Introductory Box Set was replaced by two all-new box sets. The second of these (after the Beginner Box) is A Game of Armored Combat. AGoAC comes with eight 'Mech miniatures--seven new, one a repeat from the Beginner Box (all made to a higher quality level than the previous generation of box set miniatures). The AGoAC rules cover introductory weapons and the standard BattleTech ruleset for mechs.

So we played this at 2 players and it was a little overly-complicated for us. But the concept is great and we will want to try this again. 6 / 10.

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