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We've teamed up with CGE to bring you a Sanctum themed watch face!

Sanctum is a competitive strategy game inspired by hack-and-slash RPG video games. Each player controls one of four unique characters as they journey into the heart of the fallen city of Sanctum, building up their skills and arsenals along the way to prepare for the final fight against the Demon Lord.

Multiple players may survive the fight, but only one may claim the glory of purifying Sanctum.

Though the game is competitive, the goal is to destroy the Demon Lord, not each other. So player interaction is a race rather than a fight: Who’s furthest along the board? Who will get to choose first when an equipment draft gets triggered? Who will gain the benefit of reaching the Demon Lord first?

Overall, we give Sanctum a 9/10. We really, really enjoyed this one at 2 players!

You can find the game here:

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