SnowMan Rainbow
5 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app
This clock face requires a payment that is managed by the developer in-app.
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ā° Watch Face displays:

šŸ”„ Calories monitor (Kilojoules / KiloCalories)

šŸ‘Ÿ Steps Counter

šŸƒ Active Minutes Zone

ā›°ļø Floors monitor ( šŸ”‹ Battery monitor for āŒš Versa Lite )

ā¤ļø Heart rate monitor

āŒš 12/24 Hour Format

šŸ“… Date Display

šŸ’šŸ» Fast Support

āš” Energy Efficient

šŸ‘‰ Clockface only costs 0.99$. (Lifetime purchase).

šŸ‘‰ Payment is possible via Paypal or Credit Card šŸ’³.

ā„¹ļø You can customize the clockface by going into companion section of the face using your Fitbit Mobile Application.

āš ļø For installation, download the watch face using Fitbit Mobile App and follow the on screen watch instructions. If you already bought a bundle or clockface but the watch ask for activation again follow on screen instructions and opt for already bought product ( remember all purchase are for Lifetime ).

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This clock face requires a payment that is managed by the developer in-app.

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