Gondwana Software
4 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

Turn your watch into a miniature picture gallery or image carousel! You can have images of your family, friends, pets, ID cards (etc) just a twist of the wrist away.

Each image can have a caption, and the slideshow can be advanced automatically or manually. The time and date can be displayed, and can be coloured and positioned differently for each picture.

To get started, open the Slideshow Settings page on the Fitbit app on your phone/tablet/Windows device.

Some settings can also be adjusted on the watch. To access these, press the upper right side button, or long-touch the screen, while the slideshow is playing.

This version of Slideshow allows a maximum of five pictures. A version that can handle 24 pictures, and one that installs as your clockface, are also available.

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