Modern Circle UI
4 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

- Clock

- Heart rate ECG

- Step

- Distance

- Elevation

- Calorie

- Barometer

- Altimeter

- Battery

When the heart rate exceeds 90, the ECG waveform turns yellow, and when it exceeds 120, it turns red.

The pink circle represents the seconds hand of the clock.

The light green circle represents the minutes hand of a clock.

The blue circle represents the hours hand of the clock.

All colors can be changed from the settings.

If you are using an unsupported sensor, NONE will be displayed.

---- Update Log ----

[1.1.1][07/01/2021] Increased stats text from 4 digits to 5 digits


Source codes on Github

Built under the MIT LICENSE with 💛

offered byLe-nn


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