XRPJPY Watcher
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Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

This "XRPJPY Watcher" is a clock face that allows you to secretly check the rate of the virtual currency XRP while working.

There are various functions. When you tap the center of the screen, an icon will be displayed where you can tap.

The functions indicated by each icon are as follows.

・ System...System information display

・ Alarm...Alarm setting

・ Heart rate...Heartrate display

・ Item switching...rate display/non-display switching

・ List...Rate list display, When you set the number of XRP from the Fitbit app, the number x XRP rate is displayed

・ Close...Close sub screen such as rate list. Help icon on / off

・ Graph...XRP maximum value graph display

・ Reload...XRP rate forced acquisition

・ Auto-off switch...Disable / enable switch of screen auto-off function, setting of invalid time, Sub screen lock

・ Hourly signal...Enable/disable switching of hourly notification function

・ Analog/Digital...Switching of analog/digital clock




This app is free, but if you can make a donation to me, I can keep developing it.

Please donate in the cryptocurrency XRP.


Nobi (@NOVY_NN)

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