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Sarah Bass
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Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

Earn steps to power up your very own Virtual Pet!

Virtual Pet is based on the old-school 'virtual pet' craze of the 90's. The game starts as an egg, hatches, evolves, and finally grows into a cute digital monster. When you reach your step goal, your pet will be fully transformed! Look at the heart meter to keep track of your progress. Clean up after your pet by doing exercise. The cleaner the pet, the nicer its final form will be!

Pet Waste:

Just like the old-school games, these virtual pets create waste once they are hatched. Do squat jumps, jumping jacks, or arm swings for at least 1 minute to clean up for your pet. Or you can cheat the game by pressing your pet if you don't have time for exercise.

Every day the game changes, and you get a random type of adult pet. There are more than 30 designs, including dinosaurs, bears, retro designs, animals, and more!

Virtual Pets are All Original Designs


1 Heart: 1 Egg

2 Hearts : 1 Baby

3 Hearts : 3 Child Forms

4 Hearts : 3 Adult Forms

5 Hearts : 3 Adult Forms

6 Hearts : 2 Ghost Forms

-------------- Buttons ---------------------

Food Button #1: Pet Eats

Light Button #2: Pet Sleeps

Play Button #3: Pet Plays

Medicine Button #4: Doctor Visit

Bath Button #5: Cleans Pet

Scale Button #6: Pet Stats

Discipline Button #7: Pet Timeout

Smiley Button # 8: Main Pet Page


Clock: 12 Hour or 24 Hour

Walk: Miles or KM

Fire : Total Daily Calories Burned

Stairs: Total Daily Floors

Bolt: Total Daily Active Minutes

Heart : Heart Rate

Footprints: Total Daily Steps

Red Hearts: Percent% of your Steps Goal



Allow all permissions for best results.


Click Website for download support or large files. For best results, connect watch to charger and download while using a strong wifi connection. Very Slow Download. Pixel Animation art included causes file size of 1.2 MB.


New game for 2023 release, and may need updates to fix small errors. Click 'Update' to get the newest version if available.


Check out the full Dinosaur, Galaxy, Retro, and Halloween versions of Virtual Pet :

--- Tip Jar ---

If you want to leave me a tip for this free app, that would be kind! I use all tips to give my real pets a treat - Virtual Pets are fun, but nothing beats the real thing!

Email, and I will send a QR code for my Tip Jar.

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