Cube timer
Michele Berionne
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Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

Timer for solving the Rubik's cube.

The timer can work in two ways:

• You can tap the screen to start the solving and again tap to stop the timer at the end.

• The timer uses the accelerometer of the watch to detect the various phases of the solve automatically!

Instructions for tap-less usage:

1. After pressing the "Start" button, do the inspection of the cube (no maximum time is present).

2. When the inspection is done, put the hands still on the table and wait for the screen to become green.

3. Proceed with the resolution of the cube. The application will start the timer automatically.

4. Slap the hands on the table to stop the timer.

Please report any issue that you have using the application.

Have fun and happy cubing!

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