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Florian Jung
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the Fitbit mobile app

Have you ever been a referee and lost track of the score? It's embarassing - isn't it. There are many sports where a lot of scoring occurs.

This app allows for keeping track of the score while having a timer at the same time. Thus you never have to switch apps again.

If the time is up a vibration feedback will inform you, so that you don't have to take a look at the app again and again.

You can pause the timer anytime and if an interval is over, you can go on with a new interval of the same duration while the score is being kept. Or you can just blow the whistle to end the game.

Any feedback concerning the app is appreciated.

** Features **

- Interval up to 99 minutes

- Note down the score (increase or decrease / correct score)

- Note down the scoring player (swipe down after setting the score to note down the player's number who has scores last)

- Detailed summary of all scores

** Version 1.1.1 **

- Bugfixes

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