Ihor Pavlenko
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Less is more! This is a minimalistic and stylish 24-hour scale clock that prefers simplicity over complexity. It allows you to experience the new relaxed approach to time.

The countdown is from 0 to 24h and it the bottom of the display. The clock scale represents the entire day in clocks display.


v1.3.2 - Hotfix of theme loading

v1.3.1 - Fixed the resetting the ring color when unloading.

v1.3.0 - Added two extra color themes - blue and white

v1.2.1 - Added possibility to show and hide the 24h chapter ring

v1.1.0 - You can add and remove the hours minutes and both of them using clock settings.

v1.0.1 - Hand size alignment between Ionic and Versa

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