Elmo on Fire
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the Fitbit mobile app
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Popular animated Elmo on fire (also known as Elmo Rise, or Hellmo) meme clockface.

For the origin of the meme, check out


The clock has 2 buttons. One on the top of the screen with which you can select an additional stat to be shown. Either steps, date, heart rate or kcals used. The second button is on the bottom of the screen. This one stops the animation and replaces it by a simple outline.

Unfortunately, FitBit does not grant permission to use Always-on-Display to everyone. So that function is missing. This might be added once they grant the permission to hobbyist developers as well.

Since I am a hobbyist developer, this clock face is completely free, but if you feel generous and want to leave a donation or message, another meme clock face suggestion, you can use this link :)


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