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the Fitbit mobile app
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āŒšļø Always-on Display compatible ā€“ requires Versa 2 and FitbitOS 4.1 with AOD enabled.

šŸ–– A geeky clock face based on the well-known star trek LCARS design style.

Enjoy the weather (data via OpenWeatherMap, toggle F/C for temp units, choose your update interval) and view your health, battery status and seconds.

To view more of your stats, tap the bottom section of the screen to cycle them. Also shown is HR (middle) and resting HR (far right).

āš™ļø Colours are configurable for each of the background sections, and time and date text

Time is shown in 12 or 24hr format based on your Fitbit user profile.

Date format can be yyyymmdd, mmddyyy, ddmmyyyy.

Display a starship (9 to choose from) or show your Resting HR.

Select from 4 languages for the day name

Location Services must be enabled at all times to fetch weather data.

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