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This simple tool helps demonstrate the working of your watch pressure sensor and if the watch is working correctly.

It continually shows current pressure [measured in Pascals] and the most recent adjusted floor pressure, along with the current Battery level, Time, Heart rate and Steps.

It can be used to check why floors are not incrementing on your watch. If the pressure does not, check the hole of the watch pressure sensor is not blocked and Carefully clean.

Watching the pressure detected by your watch you can see the effects of changes from the surrounding environment, such as opening/closing doors, walking from one room to another, going up and down stairs, going from inside to outside, where there can be temperature changes, or getting stuff from the fridge!

It has a special algorithm for approximating floors which it compares with the floors calculated by the Fitbit Today App [shown in green].

There is no access possible to detect actual temperature changes, so the only thing that can be measured is pressure change. Temperature is therefore generally not taken into account by the floor calculating algorithm.

To reset the floor counting comparison, double tap the main pressure, to Exit, and then restart the App, counting will start from 0 floors again.

Use the S toggle to keep the display on for monitoring [max 2 minutes] before it reverts to battery save mode. Double tap, or button push, to wake or switch modes.

Because this is an Always On App necessary to detect floor changes, it uses more battery. Use for checking only.

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New January MMXX II - V5.2.13 - (Sense & Versa 3)

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