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!!!!The free weather service was retired. I.e. no weather info at the moment!!!!

Hello there! "Clockface KAMON ("perhaps" in Japanese), my first Clockface ever!" is out.

Here comes the new KAMON...2!!

Similar to KAMON, it shows:

- Battery level of your Fitbit

- Temperature and weather conditions (new set of icons!)

- Activity stat. vs your goal

- Heart beat

- Date & the Day of week

And the most important thing - The time (with seconds) :D


Cliche WARNING!!! KAMON is developed for my own use. But if you are interested in it...Okay, I know you are. Let's get it. It is still FREE.


FB Page: http://fb.me/developersKAMON

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- Migrated to SDK 2.0


Fixed the digit issue on Versa.


Fixed the inaccurate activity stat on some fitbit devices.




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