Chinese Lunar Clockface
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Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app
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The clockface with following information beside the current date & time:

1. Chinese lunar date & solar terms

2. Chinese 12 ShiChen in a day

3. Corresponding Chinese JingLuo for current time

--------v2.01 update --------

fix the incorrect active zone minutes problem.

=====v2.0 update=====

1.Display HR(switch rest HR/realtime HR by click the "clock")

a.HR zone display 1(system pre-defined): grey(out-of-range), blue(fat-burn), green(cardio), red(peak)

b.HR zone display 2(user custom): grey(below-custom), green(custom), red(above-custom)

2.Display activities data(click the "ShiChen" to switch)

3.Show second time of another city(manually setup the timezone and DST in setup menu)

4.Show power indicator with small dots in the bottom

5.Display Chinese Festival

note: please remove the old version clockface from your fitbit before install the new update!

It's free to use, if you like it, please donate through alipay payment code in the screenshot, or , thanks!

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