Hourly Steps
3 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

FREE clockface. Analogue and digital display with step tracking information shown around the bezel.



Daily and hourly step progress in analogue and digital display.

Hourly achievement recorded throughout the day.

Current heart rate.

Sunrise and sunset time.

Current moon phase.

Colours configurable in the companion app.


One circle for daily step progress and one for hourly progress.

Digital display of total steps, in-hour steps, active minutes, or heart rate. Toggle between each by tapping on the display.

In each hour that the hourly step target is reached, the hour marker will turn green to help you track your day's performance.

Current heart rate displayed in top left corner.

Battery level is indicated around the outer arc.

Sunrise and sunset times for your location displayed in the bottom corners. Auto update every day or manual update by tapping the sunrise time.

Current moon phase displayed in top right corner.

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