Walk the Plank
Hunter Watch Co.
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Great big thanks to Mayday Games for collaborating with us on this!

In Walk the Plank!, players represent the worst pirates in a captain's crew. The captain has rounded you all up because you're all lazy and stupid and simply not worth the rum and loot you get paid. That said, the captain has decided he's willing to keep two of you in his crew. To prove you're worthy, you will fight amongst yourselves, trying to shove other players' pirates off the end of the plank while keeping yours alive! In game terms, each round players secretly stack three of their ten action cards, then they take turns revealing and playing those actions one by one no matter what's gone wrong between the planning and the doing.

We had an amazing time with this one! 9 / 10!

You can find it here: https://www.maydaygames.com/collections/games/products/walk-the-plank-deluxe-tin

Our other faces: https://hunterwatchco.com


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