Runner Stats with Lap Counter
2 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app
Payment required
This app requires payment and is managed by a 3rd-party developer that is not endorsed by Fitbit.
Proceed with caution.
Payment required
This app requires payment and is managed by a 3rd-party developer that is not endorsed by Fitbit.
Proceed with caution.

$1.25 with KiezelPay after a 1-hour trial.

This clock face is ideal for running / walking / jogging and contains steps, distance, and active zone minute progress dials. 12H / 24 H compatible. Miles / Kilometers compatible. Several colors for the theme / background gradient to choose from.

Steps, Distance, and Active minutes will light up with the selected color when completed for the day, similar to some other faces.

Tap the heart rate to open/close the Lap counter / Cardio bar. Tap the lap counter to reset it to zero.

Make sure to set your distance units (Miles or Kilometers in the settings, as well as your lap distance (if desired). You can get an accurate reading of your lap distance by resetting the lap counter to zero, walking/running one lap, and checking the small display next to the lap counter. Alternatively, you could use the lap counter as a progress bar for a desired distance by changing the lap distance to the distance you are wanting to go for your workout.


Distance Units (Mi or Km) : Set your preferred distance units (Miles or Kilometers).

Lap Distance in selected units: Set to your desired distance for 1 lap.

Hide Estimated Speed: Use this toggle to hide the speed label that is above the cardio level label.

Accent Color: Change the color for the month label, seconds label, bars, and activity stats progress bars.

Gradient Background Color: Change the color for the gradient background. Select black for no gradient.

Note: The lap counter is only as accurate as the data given to it. There will be variances in the progress of each lap depending on the distance that your watch has measured compared to your actual distance. You can set your lap distance just a touch short, and the counter should be accurate for how many laps you have finished. The speed display has the same limitations and will sometimes briefly show a much higher speed - you can disable the speed display if it is bothersome.


Activity: Read user activities for today (distance, calories, steps, elevation and active minutes), and daily goals

User Profile: Read non-identifiable personal information (gender, age, height, weight, resting HR, basal metabolic rate, stride, HR zones)

Heart Rate: Application may read the heart-rate sensor in real-time

Internet: Companion may communicate with the Internet using your phone data connection (used for the purchase of the clock face).

App Cluster Storage: Application may access storage shared by other applications from the same developer (used for the purchase of the clock face).

This clock face requires a payment that is managed by the developer in-app.


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