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Free quick access Classic calculator, with the possibility to use Reverse Polish Notation mode, Inspired by the beautiful HP41 calculator

See full documentation and release notes:

Has tactile feedback to ensure reliable calculations, and possibility to recall last input to undo last operation

Includes an optional ticker tape to show recent calculations or internal registers

Includes 4 virtual buttons shown in the display at start up

Adjustable decimal places. Whole [integer] results don't show any decimal point or places

Current operator and number of decimal places are shown on the right of the display.

4 Virtual buttons:

Clr - tap once, clears the current calculation, tap again to turn Off the App and see About information [back button will also end App]

Shft - tap to enter Shift mode, double tap to switch between RPN mode and Classic mode

Del - like Backspace, deletes last entered digit

List - tapping shows/hides the popup ticker tape, for verifying calculations, or [in Shift mod] internal registers view

Special features:

1) Negative number input: Press the 5 button and swipe Up to toggle the displayed number negative or positive.

2) Tactile feedback: Press the 5 button and swipe Left to disable or Right to enable, on by default.

3) Last operation recall:

The last operator and operand are remembered and can be applied to any displayed number by touching on =, entering a new calculation clears this function.


3 + 6 =, result 9

5 =, result 11

2 =, result 8

4) Counter mode:

Enter + 1 =, result 1, each subsequent press on = will increment the display by 1

5) Shift mode, Decimal places:

Press the virtual Shift key [above 7] followed by 1 and then a digit, 0 to 9, for the number of places required.

EG. Switch form 2 to 4 decimal places

current display 1.67

Shift, 1, 4 result 1.6700 [number previously rounded]

6) Percent calculations for working out restaurant tips





shft 2 [%]


result 27.61

7) Double tap Shft button to switch between RPN mode [see App documentation for usage] and Classic mode.

8) Closing the App

Quick close

- Press the back button

- Double tap CLR button, quick exit


- Tap twice on the CLR button, to see About and exit

- Auto closes after timeout

Recent July MMXX II - V4.2.10 (Ionic & Versa's), V5.2.10 (Sense & Versa 3)

Can also be an Addon to the free SimpleClockPro clock face, [tap Active Zone Minutes twice] see:

(Swiss made, in the land of clocks & chocolates)

From the SimpleClock / SimpleApp series =

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