Medical Professional
6 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

This clockface is meant to make it easy for medical professionals to take vitals. Simply tap the screen and the display will remain on until you tap the screen again. Other features include:

- Date and steps display (steps require permission to read activity)

- Ability to select a color from the settings page

- Night mode

With night mode enabled, the face will shift to an orange-red color that is easier on the eyes in dim light. The face will remain this color during the hours you select in the settings page.

NOTE: If you close the clockface or turn the screen off, the display lock will reset itself to save battery life.

Update: AMOLED devices (like Versa 2) prevent clock faces from disabling the autoOff feature. As a result - users with an AMOLED device will not be able to lock the screen on.

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