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Huge thanks to Pandasaurus for working with us on this!

In Ctrl, players try to dominate a cube by crawling over it with their colored bricks, preferably covering other players' bricks along the way.

In more detail, you start with a 3×3×3 cube that has one block of each player color stuck into one of the cube's holes. (In a two-player game, each player controls two colors, but at the start of play they secretly choose one of those colors to be their scoring color, with the other color serving only as a blocking mechanism.) Each player has a matching colored flag that sticks out of their block.

We had an absolute blast with this one. This will be a go to game from now on! 10 / 10!

You can find it here: https://pandasaurusgames.com/products/ctrl

Our other faces: https://hunterwatchco.com


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