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This customizable and colorful digital or analog watch face shows your progress towards your daily fitness goals with three rings around edge of the clock.

The settings page on your mobile device lets you choose which goals you would like the rings to show as well as many other options. Each ring can show progress towards one of five goals: Active Minutes, Calories, Steps, Distance or Floors

The closer you are to reaching your goal the more full each ring will be and for all those overachievers out there: when you have completed a goal, a multiplier will replace the goal icon and the ring will reset allowing you to see exactly how much over your goal you are!

*In order to show these metrics the watch face requires access to your user activity and heart rate. I assure you this information is only used so it can be displayed on the face and is not stored in any way.*

This watch face comes with the option to show either a digital or analog clock, each has its own benefits.

The digital face is more detail focused while on the other hand (pun intended) the analog face is more sleek, showing simply the Day of the month and Heart rate

The colors of both clocks can be customized in the settings page. Each component of both faces can be colored in a number of pre-selected colors, fitting with the theme.

I truly hope you enjoy using this watch face, if you run into any issues please contact me at my developer email with a description and if possible, an image of the issue. If you have any features you would like added please let me know! Or just let me know how much you like using this face.

If you really like this face and think that it is worth something to you, please consider donating to it and the development of other watch faces via Paypal at the link below. I take pride in keeping all of the watch faces I make free to use in order to make your experience with them as seamless as possible. However, the fact that they are free does not mean that they are trivial to make, each one is worth weeks of design and programming work. If this resonates with you, the link to donate is below. Any amount is motivational.


Version 1.1.1 - 01/04/2022

Important bug fixes:

Fixed bug introduced in previous version where the activity icons on the digital face were associated with the wrong activities.

Fixed the active minutes activity of the cycle view on the digital face to actually show active minutes.

Version 1.1.0 - 01/04/2022


Added ability to change ring colors

Added two new colors


Fixed a bug where the heart rate was showing as on top of the analog watch face hands

Changed the order of the analog hands to be more accurate

Resized the stats cycle on the digital face to prevent clipping

Removed dark colors from color pickers


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