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Four Countdown Timers, each with individual labels & settings remembered between sessions. The multiple timers can run concurrently. Clock time shown during use, includes Stopwatch

Supports up to 23 hours, 4 presets can also be remembered. Can be paused or running in background mode under certain conditions..

AutoStart - can start counting immediately on open

Full details

Symbols operation overview:

➕ Blue when selected, will set the counter to zero and cause it to be incremented like a stopwatch, when started.

➖ Green when selected, gives the option of setting a new countdown timer, or keeping the last used value.

The counter will decrement, like a countdown timer, when started.

When counting down gets to zero the alert goes off and it resets to it's initial value. A single pre-alert 5 seconds before the timer ends is given

Double tap the counter to EXIT,

Up, for stopwatch mode

Down, for count down Timer mode


Long press, to access Alarms

Short press, silence Alert

▶️ will start counting

⏸️ will pause counting

⏹️ will reset the counter to its initial state, the original timer or zero

A - will enable/disable Auto start counting.

If enabled [green] & counting was stopped, or set, at the previous close, counting starts immediately the next time the App opens.

Counting always continues if it was counting when the App was closed [background mode].

S - sets if the display is kept on or not. Can be changed during counting. Inapplicable if not counting.

Green, kept on while counting

Red, normal watch timeout applies

R - will enable/disable the Repeat timer function.

Timer restarts if repeat is green.

If Auto Start is enabled the alerting will stop after 10 seconds (max)

Red X - shows About information & closes

Closing App issues:

App will not auto close while counting

App cannot be closed whilst counting down & < 5 seconds remaining

Quick close: double tap counter, or long press left button [depending on watch model & settings]

Left button normally does Start/Pause of counting, [also right bottom button, if present]. Right top button, if present, does Stop/Reset

Timer alarm is only signaled in foreground mode, or in Addon mode to SimpleClockPro

On the settings screen

tick [save] - records the new time as the timer

cross [cancel] - doesn't change the existing timer

Up & down arrows adjust the time, of the selected units.

4 Frequent timers can be saved or selected

Long durations work best as Addon to SimpleClockPro, or switch to use an Alarm

In SimpleClockPro clock face, double tap on Seconds to start Simple4Timer as an Addon, on return Seconds show

Green if a timer is running

Blue for stopwatch running

White if nothing running in background

Simple4Timer is invoked 5 seconds before timer reaches the end

Recent - November MMXX II - V4.6.23 (Versa 2), V5.6.23 (Sense & Versa 3)

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