Morse Code Game
Sarah Bass
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Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

Learn and have fun with a little virtual space pet!


Game Play: Game play should be less than 1 minute each time you start.

This learning game will teach you the basic letters of morse code with cute animations. Morse code is a great life skill to have, as it is used to communicate using light or sound. It especially comes in handy as a distress signal. Most people know the famous S.O.S morse code, but now you can learn all the letters of the alphabet! Morse code is still used today in the Military/Navy, Science Department, Ham Radio Community, Girl/Boy Scouts, and much more.

How to play:

Click the purple button to start.

An animation will play for the morse code.

Try to remember the code!

Click the button again.

Two buttons will appear to enter the morse code.

Game Over : After you have practiced the letter twice, the game is over.

Before you rate, please keep in mind that this is not a high quality game; it is a very tiny and short learning application for quick amusement. Fitbit has limited graphics ability, and the graphics on this game are fairly simple. Sometimes even though there are only a few graphics, they don't load. Refresh, and try again.

Settings: Vibrations are set to the two buttons that mimic the sound of morse code. One is a long sound, and the other is a short sound.

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