Pickleball Pal
Devco Labs
4 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app
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The Pickleball Pal App allows a player wearing a Fitbit smartwatch to keep track of the score and server position.


- Displays score throughout the game

- Displays server position and server number (1/2)

- Works for both standard and rally scoring

- Simple and easy to view display

- Free to enjoy!

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How to score:

- [UP] button or [SWIPE UPPER HALF] of screen when their team wins a rally

- [DOWN] button or [SWIPE LOWER HALF] of screen when your team wins a rally

How to set scoring type:

- [BACK] button and select Rally or Standard

How to start a new game:

- [BACK] button and select Reset

- Tap on a corner to set server position

How to correct the score:

- [SWIPE UP] to undo the last action

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