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Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app
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clock face with Moon Phases and sunrise/sunset times

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version 2.00

new moon phasis calculation (no more error)

star back screen

version 1.21

correction of error

Version 1.2

debugging moon calculation / ad more moom pictures for realistic view, autonmoy calculation improvement


Data zone on bottom left :

heart rate with cardiac zones (number of hearts)

selected stat sensor with arc of progress

Date Zone on bottom right :

Full date display

weather display

short date with sunrise/sunset times (according to GPS)

Night mode (only hours and low brightness)

Level of battery in center with number of day of autonomy (battery icons)

Manual :

double touch on top right for night screen activation

double touch on top left for battery memory autonomy and synchronisation screen activation

double touch on bottom left for all stats display and stat selection (top touch for choice and bottom touch for exit)

double touch on bottom right to switch weather/date mode

available in English italian spanish and German


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