Terry Yuen
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the Fitbit mobile app
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A timer app where you can set the minutes simply by swiping across the screen. The timer countdown starts immediately afterwards. Designed with minimal taps necessary to start a timer.

Note: Closing or exiting the app will disable the vibration when the timer is up. This is a limitation of the developer tools as was purposely designed by Fitbit.


- Slide your finger across the screen to select a time and start the timer

- If you made a mistake, slide again within 5 seconds to start over

- After 5 seconds, you have to use the "X" to restart

- Current time on top

- Countdown minutes in center (large)

- Countdown minutes and seconds in center (medium)

- Time when the timer started (green) on the bottom left

- Time when the timer will end (red) on the bottom right

- When the timer is up, the screen will light up and the watch will vibrate (but the app must be open for it to work)

- Maximum timer allowed is 60 minutes (to make swiping easier)


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