Harvest Land
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the Fitbit mobile app
Payment required
This app requires payment and is managed by a 3rd-party developer that is not endorsed by Fitbit.
Proceed with caution.
Payment required
This app requires payment and is managed by a 3rd-party developer that is not endorsed by Fitbit.
Proceed with caution.

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Welcome to Harvest Land, your very own farming simulator right on your wrist!

This game requires a one-time payment of $3.99 via Kiezelpay (Additional fees may apply).

Key features:

‏‎➤ Big open world to navigate trough

‏‎➤ Interact-able world (use various world items, e.g. player bed, TV, crafting stations)

‏‎➤ Day/Night cycle (sunrise/sunset also adapts to the various in-game seasons)

‏‎➤ Weather System (Sunny, Rain, Thunderstorm, Snow, Blizzard)

‏‎➤ Seasons System (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter)

‏‎➤ Farming: including 38 varieties of crops that you can plant, care for and harvest when ripe, be careful when planting crops in the winter ;)

‏‎➤ Fishing with 30 varieties of fish you can catch

‏‎➤ Cooking: Over 300 recipes to craft using crops from your farm, meat from the market or fish

‏‎➤ Level up your skills by using them everyday: Fishing, Cooking, Harvesting

‏‎➤ Vendors - sell and buy various items including: seeds, crops for cooking, upgrade your inventory space

‏‎➤ Player Inventory (upgrade-able up to 200 items capacity)

‏‎➤ 4 Tools used to collect, farm and manipulate the map

‏‎➤ 10 Character models to choose from

How to play:

‏‎➤ Due to the small size of the watch display, movement is controlled using 4 special areas of your screen (upper-part of the screen for up, lower for down, etc.)

➤ The main menu is opened by tapping ONCE in the middle of the screen

➤ Double tapping the middle of the screen will trigger an "action" if an item is in hand (e.g. with the hoe in hand it will change facing tile to farm-able dirt, having a fishing pole in hand and facing water will trigger the fishing mini-game)

To ensure that the game will work as intended, please make sure to update your device to the latest firmware version available.

To purchase this clock face, please follow these simple steps:

1. Go to https://kzl.io/code

2. Enter the code displayed on your watch and follow the steps shown on the page

Already purchased? Go here: https://kzl.io/unlock

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can issue a refund by following the instructions provided here: https://kiezelpay.com/faq/faq-refund .

This application requires the following permissions:

‏‎➤ Internet: Required to validate the game license and generate payment code if needed.

I would like to thank the creators below for their awesome creations:





Eliza Wyatt@opengameart.org

Lanea Zimmerman (Sharm)@opengameart.org


Tags: farming, rpg, character diversity, models, tiles, crops, harvest, simulator, skills, weather system, open world, day/night cycle, fishing seasons

This app requires a payment that is managed by the developer in-app.

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