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Make sure to visit the settings page after installing this clock face!

The ancient standard of timekeeping... and fitness tracking? This clock face was inspired by another smartwatch, and includes:

In view 1 (Solar View):

-Date & day of the week


-Heart rate

-Sun & solar graph (can be calibrated to either location or time)

-Indicator for sun reference position

In view 2 (Stats View):

•Toggled by tapping on the top half of the screen

-Battery percentage


-Distance in user profile-specified units

-Active minutes

-Floors climbed (only on Versa & Versa 2)



In view 3 (Solar Event View):

•Toggled by tapping on the bottom half of the screen

-Time of and time relative to 3 different solar events: sunrise, solar noon, and sunset (if sun's position is based on location)

Be sure to contact my support request email in case anything doesn't work the way it should, or if you have further suggestions.

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