AXS Fall in Love
Amit Sharma
6 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

You can't help falling in love with this fully personalizable Big Hearted clockface - Just tap on the heart rate to cycle through the awesome heart gradient colors - you can set and save your own color schemes. This fully customizable watchface allows you to select/customize hours, minutes, date and heart rate colors to sync with heart or remain as default.

It also has progress bars for Steps, Distance, and Calories burnt - The corresponding icons at the end of the progress bars light up when you complete the respective goals. And to complete the picture, circular goal trackers for Zone minutes and Floors motivate you to keep pushing yourself 😊 Of course, you can change all their colors too 👍

Also shows date and battery status apart from time. Supports user settings for miles/kilometers and 12/24 hr clock formats from the app. It also supports multiple languages/locales.

⭐️ New additions⭐️

⭐️ Put your Initials on the heart (All models)

⭐️ Track your Hourly Steps (Versa 3 and Sense only)

This clockface is absolutely free to use with all features and customizations - Enjoy 👍

If you have any feedback to improve this clockface or even if you just wanna say that you love it, please do send me an email by clicking on 'Contact Developer'. Be safe and keep fit fellas ✌️

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