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Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app
This app requires a payment that is managed by the developer in-app.
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Battleships brings the classic Sea Battle to your Fitbit smart watch. Pit yourself against the computer and prove you have the makings of a real Fleet Commander. If you're looking for a fun, fast-paced naval combat game - look no further.


Battleships features:

💪🏼 Butter smooth performance on all supported devices.

↔️☝️↕️ Tap / swipe over the grid to select a cell.

💣Use bomb icon to confirm selection.

🤖 You play versus an AI. Your ships will be visible on the AI turn.

🎲 Boards are randomly generated.

🔋 When the screen is turned off, the application will enter in a standby mode to preserve your battery.

📈 Statistics when the game ends.


This application requires a payment of $1.99 plus taxes via k-pay (if required).

To buy this game, you need to:

1. Go to

2. Add the code you see on your watch and follow the steps presented on the k-pay website.

Already purchased ? Go here:


Tags: game, cool. dark, ships, battle, grid, ai opponent, fast-peaced, fun, simple, best, ship, black

Bomb image used in our app is from - @freepik-

Icon (boat + explosion) used in our app is from - @microvector -

This app requires a payment that is managed by the developer in-app.

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