Sobriety Calc
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the Fitbit mobile app

Sobriety Calc is what the name says it is. A Sobriety Time Calculator.

Simply enter your sobriety date into the apps settings and carry around the exact length of time you've been sober on your wrist for the rest of well.. time!

Not only does the app inform you consistently about how long you've been sober. It's also aware of all of the major sobriety milestones and will inform you when you've hit one from within the app.

There are also two other screens if you're ever feeling down and out. With a quick swipe to the right you will see a randomized inspirational quote. With a second swipe to the right you will be met with a random prayer!

This app was built as a small side project by a sober developer and is under active development. If you have any feature requests or feedback please contact me at

Thank you!

P.S. Donations always welcome Venmo: @Aquaritek

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