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the Fitbit mobile app
This clock face requires a payment that is managed by the developer in-app.
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Simple watchface with spring design, easy to customize, with lots of features and stats.


⭐ Weather conditions and location

⭐ Current temperature in °F or °C (depending on your settings - you can change temperature units in the watchface settings page inside the Fitbit app)

⭐ Weather will be updated automatically every 30 minutes - needs location and Internet connection to work

⭐ Update weather manually by tapping the temperature area on the screen

⭐ If there is any error while updating the weather, the error will be displayed instead of the location text

⭐ big 12 or 24H digital clock

⭐ multiple date formats - change the date format from the watchface settings

⭐ 3 stats zones that can display battery, steps, bpm, resting heart rate, active zone minutes, distance, main goal and floors (except Versa Lite) - tap each stats zone to change displayed stats

⭐ RGB color selector for background, clock, date & stats - can be used in the watchface settings

⭐ 24 fonts for time, date and stats - change the fonts from the watchface settings

⭐ date, settings and weather conditions in multiple languages

⭐ 2 backgrounds - a lighter or a darker background. Change it by tapping twice the cherry flowers area on the screen (middle left area).

Over 1 billion possible combinations available! Use the watchface settings page to set colors for date, time and stats, fonts or other advanced settings.

This is a paid clockface. The price is 1.49$ (+ taxes) via KiezelPay after a 1h free trial. When trial ends, a 6 digits code will appear on your screen. Visit https://kzl.io, enter the 6 digits code and follow the instructions to finalize the payment. Already purchased? Visit https://kzl.io/unlock and follow instructions to unlock it for free.

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Tags: floral, flower, spring, cherry, cherry flowers, weather, informative, stats heavy, 3 stats zones, rgb color selector, multifunction

This clock face requires a payment that is managed by the developer in-app.


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