Minimalist clock v2.0
Jack Lloyd-Walters
4 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app
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A somewhat minimalist digital clock featuring analogue elements in the form of coencentric arcs.

This is an updated version of Minimalist clock v1.0, having been rebuilt with additional features and customisability options.

All of my work is open source and completely free, although if you'd like to support me further, you can follow the link below

See the old version here:

Common to all screens (outer four arcs)

Battery percentage is the outermost arc, will change colour depending on current charge

Current Analogue time is shown in the next three arcs

Optional 'Ticks' similar to an analogue watch

Main screen:

Device charge is shown as a percentage

Current time is shown in digital form

The current date (DD/MM by default)

Current heart rate, changes colour to show the current heartrate zone.

Activity screens:

An icon for the activity

the value of the activity (ie: step taken) along with units (ie: metres for distance) and daily target (ie: 10 floors climbed)

the value of that activity recorded this hour (ie: calories burned this hour)


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