XRP Checker
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Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

This app displays the rate of XRP, a virtual currency (cryptocurrency), in JPY/USD/NZD/ZAR/CHF/EUR/GBP.

It also displays the rates of BTC, XEM, FCT, BCH, LSK, ETH, ETC, MONA,XLM, and BAT.

When you register the number of XRPs from the Fitbit app on your phone, you can display the number of units you registered x XRP rate.

Tap the bottom right corner of the screen to switch the base currency.

Tap the center of the screen or the X icon to quit the app.

The screen is always on, so please be careful not to drain your battery.

(Supported MONA in Ver.1.0.1)

(Supported XLM in Ver.1.0.3)

(Supported switching between dollar and yen in Ver.1.0.4)

(Supported switching JPY/USD/NZD/ZAR/CHF/EUR/GBP in Ver.1.0.5)

(Supported BAT in Ver.1.0.6)




This app is free, but if you can make a donation to me, I can keep developing it.

Please donate in the cryptocurrency XRP.


Nobi (@NOVY_NN)

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