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Free easy interactive Calendar for tracking dates and days of the week, with tactile feedback for all operations and access to Agenda

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Use date arithmetic to jump to specific dates using addition/subtraction of years, months, weeks or days, calculate days between dates.

Works with either Monday or Sunday as first day of the week. Defaults to the Fitbit App setting for first day of the week.

Current day is highlighted

Tap << or >> to change year

Tap < or > to change month


Scroll left for following month, right for previous month

Scroll up for previous year, down for following year

Tap on day title line to temporarily change which day the week starts on.

A double tap on Calendar will take you back to the current month.

A long press on the Calendar month takes you to date calculation / selection view, where you can do date calculations and select specific dates.

Double tap anywhere on the Start date in this view, allows you to view your Agenda

To quick close App immediately, press back button or double tap on Year, or simply allow the App to auto close after the timeout.

Tap two times on the Year to see About information and return to previous operation

About information, now helps by showing showing your watch Time zone, useful for checking your Fitbit App settings

When installed (as an Addon) in conjunction to the free SimpleClockPro clock face, no navigation is required, just tap on Weekday to display the Calendar, and pressing the back button returns directly to the clock face. See:

Can also be an Addon to the free SimpleClockPro clock face, [tap Active Zone Minutes twice] see:

Recent - July MMXX II - V4.2.08 (Ionic & Versa's), V5.2.08 (Sense & Versa 3)

(Swiss made, in the land of clocks & chocolates)

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