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Show a schedule from upcoming events from caldav/ical calendars.

You need to open the settings and add your calendars. The user/pw is only used for CALDAV calendars.

I tested CALDAV only whit Owncloud/Nextcloud. You need to copy the calendar link from the calendar page.

## Features

- [x] Support Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Ionic.

- [x] Support ICAL and CALDAV Calendar (!! Reaping events "RRULE" are not supported)

- [x] Show up to 5 calendars (from one caldav account and multiple ical links) together

- [x] Detail page showing event title, time and location.

- [x] Countdown to the end of current event

- [x] Countdown to the start of next event

- [x] East Asian text support

- [x] On/Off switch for countdowns


Forked from: Thanks to Eana Hufwe for his work.

The application uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous user statistics.

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