Nightscout Monitor
Sulka Haro
6 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

This watchface allows you to display a CGM graph using data loaded from Nightscout. The graph displays glucose values along with insulin and graph treatment bars, with predictions from OpenAPS / Loop if data is available. Supports both BG threshold and predictive alarms.

New in release 1.6.1

* Improved settings screen

* Setting to disable alarms during night

* New layout!

* Fix for excessive data loading for Loop users

New in release 1.6.0

* Versa 3 and Sense support

New in release 1.5.1

* Ionic support

* Hide glucose values if data is stale

New in release 1.4.0

* significant optimizations for battery life, for up to 5 days of running / charge on Versa 2

* New vibration patterns to alarm lows, highs and missing data

* Optimized the amount of data sent to the watch to speed up sync and reduce memory footprint

* Support xDrip / AAPS looping when offline

* Removed logging to optimize the watch battery use

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