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Barbeaux is a clock face designed by Büro Destruct based on their original typeface “BD Barbeaux”.

The clock face, programmed by Chops, is a simple presentation of the BD Barbeaux font.

«BD Barbeaux» is a condensed typeface with the fashionable chic of the french art nouveau and comes in two styles: Regular and BD Barbeaux Numérique which is blended with rounded corners inspired by a chipset.

The BD Barbeaux fonts are carefully kerned and are great for headlines on blogs, fashion and lifestyle magazines.

Touch the top right corner icon to show the date, and each health statistic. When a non-time screen is displayed, touch the lower right icon to return to the time.

Supports 12/24hr.

Via settings select a background colour theme, colour for the font and all icons (B/W), and your date format (mm.dd or

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