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BIG Numbers. BIG Stats. EASY to Read.

Date + Time AM/PM or 24 hour military time (white) plus a silver status bar for keeping track of how much time spent / left in the day as a race goal for your fitness stats.

Below the Date & Time section is the Steps (green) status which shows your steps plus a status bar of your actual steps goal.

Active Minutes (blue) statistics shows your active minutes along with a status bar of your actual active minutes goal.

Status bars checkered when goals met.

Heart rate monitor shows heart rate color coded in gray, yellow, orange, red based on your actual heart rate in real time.

Calories burnt (purple) calculated by all body statistics.

Time (12 / 24 hour format) > https://www.fitbit.com/settings/profile

Ionic Accessories > https://tinyurl.com/ionicass

Donation > https://tinyurl.com/ilikethisclockface


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