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This app will help you to select the best Pokémon for a battle or to determine the effectiveness of an attack. You can select up to two types to calculate the damage modifier for your attack

How to use:

- After starting the app select up to two types by touching the corresponding button and it will show you how the damage your Pokémon receives is modified

- Selecting a third type will overwrite the type you selected last

- Selecting Attack will show you how effective an attack of this type is against the other types. (This will always overwrite the second selected type)

- Pressing Clear will reset the app.

- Pressing help will show you a short reminder of how the app works.

All calculations are done with the Type Chart for the current generation and I will update this as soon as something changes. I did not implement the exact values for Pokémon go but the tendencies should be the same (If enough people wish for adjustments for Pokémon Go I may enhance this in the future).

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