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We want easy access to the rich information kept in our watches. Analog clocks are great because we can get a rough idea very quickly about whatever we care about. And old ones like myself don't need to wait for our old eyes to adjust to a near object (or worse, to change our glasses).

If we want precise information, a digital clock is just a tap away.

Because of these focuses, I don't want to allocate screen estate to eye-candies. This clock face simply give us a lot of information, in big numbers and big symbols.

Key features:

* Six colors to select from, light or dark background (select one from the app setting in the mobile phone)

* Analog main page, digital detail pages

Main page:

* Updated at minute boundary

* Show date and time as usual

* Hour hand on a disc telling daily step goal completion

* Minute hand on a disc telling hourly step goal completion (best effort, Fitbit has no API for it so it is guessed)

* Between them there is an activity ring showing one of daily active minute, calories, distance and floor goals completion (select one from the app setting in the mobile phone)

* Daily completion starts from 6 o'clock, allowing one to "chase the clock hand"

* Battery level indicator as background

* Heart rate shown at the center.

Detail page:

* Updated every second

* Time / Battery level

* Daily and hourly step count

* Distance and floor count

* Calories and activity minutes

* Heart rate

* Barometer

This clock face is open-source. See source code and latest development in:

A built version can be found in the Fitbit App Gallary

* SDK4.2:

* SDK5.0:

Version history:

* 0.5.2: Clarify time, respect user 12h/24h preference

* 0.5.1: Show heart rate and barometer

* 0.5: Allow calories/distance as activity ring. Allow light background. Switch to CLI development toolchain.

* 0.4: Show activity minutes. Select between showing activity or floor.

* 0.3: Add color theme. Use unit to indicate data shown in details page.

* 0.2: Add details pane

* 0.1.3: Use setTimeout to record start hour steps to cope with off clock

* 0.1.1: Make hour steps survive app restart

* 0.1: Initial version


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