Ski Altimeter
Leigh Potter
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Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

Versa app to track elevation changes while skiing or snowboarding.

To use, just start the app up before you begin, and let it track your progress for the day.

The top of watch face displays:

- The Current Time

- Elapsed Time

- Number of downhill runs achieved today

- Current Elevation

- Total Vertical Ascent

- Total Vertical Descent

The bottom of the display shows a histogram of the last hour's elevation changes

- Vertical lines show 15 minute time intervals (most recent one hour displayed)

- Horizontal lines show 100 ft/m elevation increments (these lines disappear when over 500 ft/m are displayed)


- Calibration to the correct elevation using the up and down keys on the right side of the watch

- Distance and elevations support English or Metric units, based on the user

By swiping left, a panorama-view 5 hour histogram is displayed on the 2nd/3rd screens together. This shows an elevation overview of the day (up to the last 5 hours)

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