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Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

Beautiful rendition of the famous Swiss Railway Station clock with it's special dynamic hand movements on change of minute along with a Digital face including full abbreviated date texts for easy transcribing and configurable stats.

Digital Stats mode [needs all permissions]

Supports 12/24 hr mode and 2 different date text formats - based on ""language by region/country"" supports Dutch, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Swedish or otherwise defaults to English

To change them, visit or Fitbit App, App settings

Version and current language shown briefly at start

with 3 fixed stats,

Heart rate [red]

Battery [green, or low warning orange or red]

Steps [cyan]

+ 1 configurable [by default is Floors] top right.

Double tap top right value - it will flash

While flashing each tap will advance to the next value of the following items

Floors [yellow]

Calories [turquoise]

Distance [orange]

Active Zone minutes [pink]

Tap on the hour to see railway station clock view and on it's background to get Digital view again.

Double tap the 12 o'clock position to toggle between the embedded digital time, or Date or nothing,

See full documentation including the mini window

mehrsprachige deutsche Kurzdaten

fechas abreviadas multilingües en español

dates multilingues français abrégées

italiano multilingue date abbreviate

meertalige Nederlandse verkorte data

flerspråklige norske forkortede datoer

flerspråkiga svenska förkortade datum

Due to its white background and it's fascinating to watch for longer periods it might use slightly more battery.

New January MMXX II V5.1.19 Sense, Versa 3, V4.1.19 Versa (not I_onic)

SimpleClock series


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