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I'm worried about the rate of cryptocurrencies (encrypted assets) during work, but if I check it many times on my smartphone, my boss gets angry,

The clock face that can be used in such a case is this "Cryptowatcher".

You can check the time by checking the time with Fitbit.

The corresponding virtual currency (encryption assets) is as follows.


The corresponding standard currency is as follows.


Tap the center of the screen and tap the icon in the upper right of the center to set the virtual currency (encryption assets) and the reference currency that you want to display.

Tap a little above the screen, display the time instead of the rate and behave like a normal watch.

Once an hour, the current time is displayed with vibration.The clock vibrates even if the rate fluctuates greatly.

Depending on your mood, tap the lower right and switch from digital clock to analog clock.

There are various other functions.Tap the center of the screen to display the icon in the tapable position.

The functions shown by each icon are as follows.

・ Tap the weather (upper left of the screen) ... The current location / temperature, battery level, memory status, version display

・ Tap the alarm (on the center of the top of the screen) ... Alarm settings (plus, set with negative buttons)

・ Tap the heart rate (upper right of the screen) ... Heart rate, heart rate zone display

・ Tap the time display switching (upper upper left of the screen) ... 12H / 24h switch

・ Tap the item switching (upper center of the screen) ... rate display / hidden switching

・ Tap the display switching (center of the center of the screen)… Virtual currency (cryptocation assets), reference currency setting, temperature unit switching.

・ Tap the list (left screen left) ... Rate list display (when set to the number of virtual currency (encrypted assets) from the Fitbit app, display the number x rate)

・ Tap the close (center of the screen) ... Help icon display / hide, close the sub screen.

・ Tap the graph (left on the screen) ... Display the maximum graph of the rate (switch with left and right buttons)

・ Tap the calendar (lower left of the screen) ... Start alarm app (start novycalendar if installed)

・ Tap the reload (under the center of the screen) ... Rate, forced to acquire weather information

・ Tap the timer (lower right of the screen) ... Start the timer app (start novytimer if installed)

・ Tap the light (lower left of the screen) ... screen light lighting

・ Tap the time signal (bottom screen)… Value and invalidation of the function to notify every hour

・ Tap analog digital (lower right of the screen) ... Switching analog digital watches

This dial is free, but if you get a donation, you can continue to develop.

Please donate by cryptocurrency XRP.


Nobi (@novy_nn)

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