24 Hour Analog
Matthew Fry
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NOTE: Apologies to anyone who has had issues with the sunrise/sunset/weather. The yahoo API that I was using has been re-sunsetted again. Thanks Verizon. I have found a solution for getting sunrise and sunset but weather remains broken and I'm actively looking for a new provider for this.

Version 1.2.2 Release Notes:

- Day and night regions will now match sunrise and sunset, for real this time!

- Added weather, for real this time!

- Due to a limitation in the fitbit apis, weather is relayed through my personal server. Logs are preserved for debugging only.

Unique 24 hour analog watchface. Each stat dial has a primary and secondary mode which you can toggle with a tap. Disable dials in settings. Inner dial attached to clock border is battery level. Innermost dial is seconds.

Primary modes:

- Top left dial: heart rate

- Top right dial: flights

- bottom right: step count,

- bottom left: weather

Secondary modes:

- Top left dial: heart rate as percentage relative to resting heart rate

- Top right dial: low precision altitude. Likely incorrect but changes in altitude should be pretty accurate.

- Bottom right dial: steps represented numerically.


Activity: steps, flights

User Profile: Show HR relative to RHR

Heart Rate: display HR

Location, Internet: weather

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