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Inspired by robots from classic sci-fi movies, Called EOBOT - uses different colored lights to show even (E) & odd (O) digits and the pattern of lights with a circular head forms the shape of a robot.

First 4 vertical columns indicate the 4-digit time or date - in each column one light is lit in either blue (even digit) or pink (odd digit). The top light in each column represents 0 or 1, second one down 2 or 3 etc.

2 lights in far right column indicate whether time or date is being displayed - top: time, bottom: date. Double tap on the right side to see the date for 10 seconds.

Double tap on the left to see info for 10 seconds.

When display is activated, the red eye moves from side to side.

12 or 24-hour mode, depending on user profile.

Configuration option switch date between MMDD or DDMM.

Screenshots: 09:57-10:03+info, eye animation, date: 11/13

Design by Lloyd King originally appeared on the Tokyoflash Design Studio (& on Pebble) and is published with his permission.

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